1. Significantly reduction of CO2 emission;
2. Creation of CO2 economics;
3. Elimination of China's smog problem.
1. Converting carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power 
stations,natural gas power stations, wineries, even 
automobile exhausts and flue gases into fuel and products. 
2. Instead of directly emitting flue gas into the atmosphere, we capture, convert and treat all components of flue gases  so that smog can be eliminated. 
3. Carbon dioxide is not a burden but a huge asset. It is 
the new basic raw material for industries.  
4. Let us embrace the CO2 economy. 
1.Converting carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power stations,natural gas power stations, wineries,even automobile exhausts and flue gases into fuel and products.
2.Instead of directly emitting flue gas into the atmosphere, we capture convert and treat all components of flue gases so that smog can be eliminated.
3.Carbon dioxide is not a burden but a huge asset. It is the new basic raw material for industries.
4.Let us embrace the CO2 economy.
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